2017/10/15 Sun

  1. C says someone from her school asks her which of us plays the male and which plays the female. she tells him there is no such distinction. he doesn’t believe it. he says, “how is this possible? but you have to be bisexual, right? one of you must be man and the other must be woman.” there is no way to explain that to slide your fingers into your partner’s vagina is not “playing the male,” and there are plenty ways that don’t even include this action. what does it mean to “play the male” anyway? aren’t straight males in a straight relationship playing the male as well and sometimes feel too tired and play the female instead or maybe play neither? aren’t we all playing human? sometimes we get bored and start playing dogs. we bark and bite and lick and crawl. we knot our tails together. of course we can play the male and we will opt for it only because we know it can be easily shaken off, so that we are both in the play and out, observing, laughing at ourselves from a distance. we play because we know we don’t have to. small salad: lettuce, rice with peas and corns, 5 tofu cubes, mushrooms, sesame dressing. fries with barbecue sauce.
  2. small mocha (iced). pretty sure the person gives me a medium. by accident?
  3. self-made sandwich: 2 pieces of white bread, 1 slice of cheese, 4 slice of honey roast turkey breast. 1 cup of milk.