Hello, and welcome to rivulet 5: prowl.

In this issue, we're excited to present:

  • porous poems tuning phase change with necropastoral longing;
  • a textual/visual walk through Yugo-nostalgia, traumascapes, Bill Clinton statuary, and former bunkers;
  • reflections on birth from a chronic eavesdropper in a Canterbury pub;
  • an International Punjabi in Brexit Britain disentangling from utopia;
  • a human archive seeking its "infinity of traces" in caregiving, violence at a distance, and diasporic self-representation;
  • intimate renderings of twilight, orange trees, pivoting figures, detritus, omens, and cowboys.

rivulet 5 marks the journal's two-year (& change!) anniversary. Since publishing rivulet 4, we've left school; worked on and off computers; protested; continued to garden; undergone heartbreak; witnessed rapidly-transforming ecological and social landscapes within the American South, Southwest, Northwest, Middlewest, and in the UK; cared for our elders; and worked, as ever, to ask if we are operating in-relation.

A rivulet, as you know, grows from a dry cut in the earth to a stream to a flood and back, co-creating the field, the brush, and the ecology of creatures inhabiting its zone. The term implies continous dialogue rooted in collision, emergence, and growth, in which creatures (poems, images, birds) exchange value and build in one another's presence.

prowl gathers a tangle of walks, meditations, and illustrations animating this sludge space of poetic and interstitial drift. We hope you enjoy.

Illustrations: David Ryan lives and works in Oakland, California.