We are currently accepting submissions for rivulet 6!

Essays, open letters, assemblages, anecdotes, monologues, sound, film, periodicals, performances, translations, scripts, found material, paintings, maps, spells, landscapes, librettos, & arches will all be considered for publication. We are especially excited by works that deal in translation, or the space between thought and expression.
Our priorities are as follows:

  • to foster dialogue in which the interstitial spaces between artworks and artists speak and are granted room to develop
  • to resist oppression in all forms and actively combat the atrophying of language
  • to foreground voices of the dispossessed, with an eye to unspoken/undershared histories
  • to publish work that pays deference to its ontology and somatic expression, or is still somehow in progress/process

With your submission:

  • Please include a brief statement regarding your work, as well as its dimensions/media, if any.
  • For written work, please include an accompanying image or set of images. We'd also love audio of you reading. Send an mp3.

Please read the existing work and our statement of intent.

to submit: editors@rivulet.net