about rivulet


rivulet is an online journal publishing hybrid & genre-busting artworks exploring the interstitial.

The current issue is called rivulet 5: prowl.

In this issue, we're excited to present:

  • porous poems tuning phase change with necropastoral longing;
  • a textual/visual walk through Yugo-nostalgia, traumascapes, Bill Clinton statuary, and former bunkers;
  • reflections on birth from a chronic eavesdropper in a Canterbury pub;
  • an International Punjabi in Brexit Britain disentangling from utopia;
  • a human archive seeking its "infinity of traces" in caregiving, violence at a distance, and diasporic self-representation;
  • intimate renderings of twilight, orange trees, pivoting figures, detritus, omens, and cowboys.

A rivulet is also a small river that grows from a dry cut in the earth to a stream to a flood and back, co-creating the field, the brush, and the ecology of creatures inhabiting its zone.

The word "rivulet" implies continous dialogue rooted in collision, emergence, and growth, in which creatures (poems, images, birds) exchange value and build in one another's presence.

prowl gathers a tangle of walks, meditations, and illustrations animating this sludge space of poetic and interstitial drift.

In 2016, we put forward the following goals, as vital now as ever:

  • to foster dialogue in which the interstitial spaces between artworks and artists speak and are granted room to develop
  • to resist oppression in all forms and actively combat the atrophying of language
  • to foreground voices of the dispossessed, with an eye to unspoken/undershared histories
  • to publish work that pays deference to its ontology and somatic expression, or is still somehow in progress/process

As we continue to advance our idea of the interstitial (and varieties of translation) as aesthetic vernacular, we encourage all to contact us and/or submit to rivulet 6.

Thank you for reading.

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PS: Visit the rivulet print store for physical editions and print-only work by rivulet authors & artists! & keep an eye on this space: we hope to publish far more chapbooks, artist books, and books-books in the very near future.


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