August 2019

...porous poems tuning phase change with necropastoral longing; a textual/visual walk through Yugo-nostalgia, traumascapes, Bill Clinton statuary, and former bunkers; reflections on birth from a chronic eavesdropper in a Canterbury pub; an International Punjabi in Brexit Britain disentangling from utopia; intimate renderings of twilight, orange trees, pivoting figures, detritus, omens, and cowboys.

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Josh Widera : Lucy Blagg : David Ryan : Jorge A.R. Solorzano : Jagdeep Raina : JFK Randhawa

May 2018

...a Sebaldian travelogue riveting film to freight, fruit, and vegetables; selections from a notebook pursuing food, sex, and proximities; an "operational misadventure" in occult fluids; an instructional poem and self-imploding ontology; fussy crybabies.

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Kylan Rice : Yuxin Zhao : Erich Brumback : Anne Gorrick : Lindsay Iredale

November 2017

...a language composed of gesture, vocal thrum, & breath; a conversation surrounding re-combinatory, geometric pieces, or "cuts"; transmissions from the yard, the weeds, the bluff, & the cliff; paintings and diary fragments bearing witness to multiple queernesses; videos working through displacement, translation, and transition; a continuation in the series of sutured poems.

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Audra Wolowiec : Jill Magi : Maeve Nolan : Nik Traverso : Amber Eve Anderson : Kylan Rice

August 2017 evocation of water carved via sonic erasure; a yearning transmission from a podcast without organs; a video review cum durational art piece of a poet’s new book and a review (in verse) by said poet of said video; serial vignettes in image and prose counting down to some benumbed end; photographs from the other planets that make up the American West; sutured poems, with audio, modeled after the plastic of 3D printers.

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Audra Wolowiec : Kylan Rice : Gray Lamb : Erik Abrahams : Connie Mae Oliver : Tyler Flynn Dorholt : Thomas Cook : James Ardis

February 2017 navigating both painting and verse, verse and photographed ghosts, a fragment translated from a collaged language, a poem translated via robot, sequenced sounds producing a sequenced video painting, and a prose poem performance over an impromptu and unseen droning choir.

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Oscar Towe : Yalini : Dusty Neu : James Joyce (trans. Emily Bannon) : Sophia Terazawa : Diarmid Flatley

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