rivulet 1: in translation               February 2017

rivulet 1 examines the interstitial spaces left variously between media, genres, and languages. This issue features work that navigates both painting and verse, verse and photographed ghosts, a fragment translated from a collaged language, a poem translated via robot, sequenced sounds producing a sequenced video painting, and a prose poem performance over an impromptu and unseen droning choir. 

View the issue 1 statement of intent.

Oscar Towe : Yalini : Dusty Neu : James Joyce (trans. Emily Bannon) : Sophia Terazawa : Diarmid Flatley


rivulet 2: crest of the wave            August 2017

Audra Wolowiec : Kylan Rice : Gray Lamb : Erik Abrahams : Connie Mae Oliver : Tyler Flynn Dorholt :Thomas Cook : James Ardis