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rivulet editors
November 2017


Hello, and welcome to rivulet 3: landswept.

In this issue, we're pleased to share:

   a language composed of gesture, vocal thrum, & breath;
   a conversation surrounding re-combinatory, geometric "cuts";
   transmissions from the yard, the weeds, the bluff, & the cliff;
   paintings and diary fragments bearing witness to multiple queernesses;
   a video triptych working through displacement, translation, and transition;
   sutured poems, with audio, modeled after the plastic of 3D printers.

These works, performances, and conversations all seem to us densely related and marvelously complex. There is a radiating ecology present, here, and one which approaches a kind of ethical untangling: the spectrum of what it can mean to bear or carry a sign.

We're tempted to overstate the sheer multivalency of the work represented here —— how it rings like a bell, undoes itself, combines with itself into new forms —— but would prefer, for now, to step back and allow the pieces their space to resonate.

As we continue to advance our idea of the interstitial (and varieties of translation) as aesthetic vernacular, we encourage all to contact us and/or submit to rivulet 4.

Thank you for reading.

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