2018/3/11 Sun

  1. dream: trump buys a huge tv for his children and it is installed in the sea by helicopters. his children gather in front of their living room window, which looks out onto the sea, to watch. when the tv is turned on, it causes a tsunami that sends everyone floating down the street on top of a bus. 1 tea-leaf boiled egg. i’ve finished all the eggs and there has only been once when i got soy sauce on my pants. 66 blueberries. even today, almost one month after the first episode was broadcasted, watching idol producer can still make me feel uncomfortable. seeing thirty-five boys — most in their early twenties, some not even twenty — bow down till their backs and legs form a right angle, so unified in their timing, their outfit that calls to mind school uniforms, i feel as if i’m watching the wave.
  2. 1 slice of pepperoni pizza. 91 blueberries. the last one is not the sweetest this time. today daylight saving time begins and now, instead of seven, i can get up at eight in the morning.