2018/2/1 Thur

  1. 3 mini chocolate wafers
  2. 1 small cup of soup: beef, farro, onion, celery, carrot. meet E in the cafeteria. she is wearing an old green dress. the pattern on the dress reminds me of the met in nyc. i tell her it’s very beautiful. says the buttons come easily undone because it is old. later i run into her again. she is trying to make a three-way phone call with her father and her sister, so that they can plan their summer trip to europe. i sit down beside her and notice for the first time that her eyes are green. for some reason i think of harry potter.
  3. medium chai (iced)
  4. chipotle: white rice, steak, diced tomatoes, sweet corns, lettuce, shredded cheese, guacamole, sour cream. sit in the classroom listening to the introduction of a new writing center initiative. they have selected ten students who come to the writing center on a regular basis and made a writing skills diagnosis for each of them, so that when they come in, the tutors know what to focus on. i wonder how the selection process was carried out. while listening to others speak, i begin to consider whether my occasional feeling of unrealness actually comes from familiarity. even now, sometimes when i realize again C is my girlfriend, i am almost startled. if i wake up after midnight, i am equally startled by the factuality of my body being my body. after sitting there for a while, i forget which language i am hearing, reading, or speaking. now that she has become part of me and my daily life, maybe i have trouble isolating her role as my girlfriend from her whole being.