2017/9/17 Sun

  1. C gets upset because i’ve gone to the cafeteria without playing with her. she calls our virtual sex “play.” i tell her i’m hungry and i can still play with her while eating. she says i always have such a perfunctory attitude. sitting in the cafeteria, i feel the hunger slowly subside. my back is covered in a cold sweat. it is a habit i have developed since the first time she got upset at me. it was summer and my parents and i were on the way to a wedding. i remember pretending to doze off in the car so i could avoid the responsibility of small talk. later i called her and cried and told her there was a miniature corn field. people had littered and walked dogs in it. i told her now the memories between us no longer consisted solely of good memories. but i didn’t mention the cold sweat. it has grown into me and i don’t know if i will get rid of it overtime. when C stops being upset we make love quickly so she can go to sleep. make-up sex happens in virtual spaces as well. scrambled eggs, 1.5 sausages, French toast (a bite). 1 banana.
  2. 1 orange. i can’t cut oranges symmetrically.
  3. 1 piece of Bologna
  4. fried rice with 3 cubes of house special tofu, 2 pieces of lettuce, 3 pieces of honey roast turkey breasts