Oscar Towe
Orthodontics (in three parts)

All parts are black ink and white acrylic on paper, presented as scans. Approximate dimensions in cm are 30x30, 41x30 and 30x21 respectively.


The parts are in chronological order, as this is how the system of textures developed (though each piece could be a detail from any other) from marks made with a train-track bolt I found as a teenager to a vision, and then a memory. This poem is the language and the wreckage of the things I share with my 16 year old sister, I have failed to express this to her otherwise; it forced me to revisit that time, and inconsequential things I had forgotten.


In one direction this is empathy in self-violence, mine is here, but hers is physical. She is biologically closer to me than anything else, and we are both systems that are/have been vulgar to ourselves, within an infinitely more complex system. I think there is cyclical healing in that.





Oscar Towe is buried in the soil of rural England. He builds texture and space. Some of his work can be found in M58, Tip of the Knife, and Otoliths. crowdecidedtotrywords.wordpress.com | soundcloud.com/dimittit