Lucy Blagg

where do you flare up
your ankle pressed to my mouth

my pelvis
pressed to the floor

and all over I am skeleton
bone and graceful regret

I thought you chewed
your way out of time

I thought time ate you
while you were sleeping

and what’s this creature
running around my poem

give me a piece of cheese

slip and ask me
not to abandon my word again

but bigger than my word
is the impression it leaves on the earth

the crater of it
the crust of moon

I brush from my hair
when I wake from sleep

how do you eat this
I’d like to step back

into myself and watch
the hand move without me

but the hand is my blood and vision
it churns viscously for truth

I think I’ve been you
and you’ve been me

what do you know
of my subterranean body

what piece of my flesh
sits in the cave

it is the spirit that animates me
I push on you and it

pushes me


Lucy Blagg is a poet from Los Angeles, California.
You can reach her at lucyblagg@alum.calarts.edu

David Ryan lives and works in Oakland, California.