about Rivulet 4


Hello, and welcome to rivulet 4: crybaby.

In this issue, we're pleased to share:

   a Sebaldian travelogue riveting film to freight, fruit, and vegetables;
   selections from a notebook pursuing food, sex, and proximities;
   an "operational misadventure" in occult fluids;
   an instructional poem and self-imploding ontology;
   fussy crybabies.

Since publishing rivulet 3, we've gone back to school, scrambled our guts over the internet, traveled across the southwest in encounter with intentional communities, gardened, and continued as ever to work toward relation and defamiliarization and unweaving. This work has often been slow, but emerges as something clear and still-forming.

rivulet 4 marks the journal's one-year (and change) anniversary. When we first started work on the site —— after retiring the name killing fields journal —— we aimed to foster creative dialogue rooted in collision, emergence, and growth, in which pieces exchange value and build in one another's presence. A rivulet, after all, builds from a dry cut in the earth to a stream to a flood and back; it relates to the field, the brush, the ecology of creatures inhabiting it.

There’s an ecology to crybaby especially: with strange, raw attention, the pieces (essays, notebook fragments, poems) in this issue bridge the playful and the sticky in processes of emergent shapeshifting, creating worlds within themselves and in relation with one another. These renderings and discourses seem to us lucid and starkly unflinching, even as they wink with multiple sets of eyes at once.

A year ago, we put forward the following goals, as vital now as ever:

  • to foster dialogue in which the interstitial spaces between artworks and artists speak and are granted room to develop
  • to resist oppression in all forms and actively combat the atrophying of language
  • to foreground voices of the dispossessed, with an eye to unspoken/undershared histories
  • to publish work that pays deference to its ontology and somatic expression, or is still somehow in progress/process

As we continue to advance our idea of the interstitial (and varieties of translation) as aesthetic vernacular, we encourage all to contact us and/or submit to rivulet 5.

Thank you for reading.

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PS: You can catch the rivulet booth at this year's LA Zine Fest! We'll be selling hand-bound editions of killing fields journal anthology and chapbooks by rivulet editors (along with special ~surprise zines~). A possible appearance of artist books by rivulet contributor A Gray Lamb is likely. Sunday May 26, 2019 at Helms Bakery in Culver City.

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